Archive Treasures: Gather Up The Fragments

A Handmaid Diamond Jubilee, News

Father Gerald holds a lamb for the photoshoot. The lamb may have been reluctant to cooperate.

Before his death in 1969, our Founder, Father Gerald, recorded his reminisces of his then 25 year old active apostolate to sanctify priests and how he had begun his work of priests helping priests. We have some vinyl records (but no record player) in the archives of these recordings that were titled, Gather Up The Fragments Lest They Be Lost. It also included several records of some of his conferences on topics such as Mary, Joseph, For Religious etc. Our larger collection of magnetic tape recordings, their tape cassette copies, and those that have been digitized attempt to capture not just his voice but his spirit as well. We love the photo of him holding a little lamb (that may not have been very cooperative in the photo shoot) above the quote “Lest They Be Lost.” He was a priest ever seeking the lost sheep to bring them joyfully back to the Lord.

Center label of a vinyl record (4 records and 8 sides) Gather Up The Fragments