Archive Treasures: A Last Tiny Touch of Christmas: The Littlest Nativity Scene

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Handmade Nativity Scene made from Rosary Beads

With the Feast of the Presentation on February 2nd, and the day set aside as the World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life, we end the last trimmings of the Christmas season by putting away our creches. In doing so we share one last glimpse of Christmas past with this tiny ornament that has graced our Christmas trees and niches for many years. Made of rosary beads, the ornament features a tiny Holy Family within. Perhaps with the exception of some creches made of sea shells and walnut shells, this could be the most diminutive marker of the Incarnation we’ve had in our decorations.

Can you spot the tiniest Christmas Nativity in the monastery?

This year we kept the largest tree ornament free, using just white lights, so this unique and special treasure was hung on the logs that make up our walls. To give a sense of the size of this item, compare it to the foot wide logs around it.
Easy to get lost, but we kept an eye on it as we kept Christmas going. It was a handmade ornament given to us by Mae O’Bryan of Lake Villa, IL. It was her house and land that made the Priory of the Heart of Mary possible in 1980.