Hail Holy Cross

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“No one can love the Cross for itself – not normally. How shall we love the Cross? We should love it for Him who hung upon it. In proportion to our realization of how precious it is, is our conformity to the Holy Cross.”  Father Gerald, s.P., Founder

Row of Habits

Why Handmaids Wear Wine Red – For the Precious Blood

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July is a good month to wonder why Handmaids wear wine red habits. Our Founder picked our color scheme deliberately…white veils for the Eucharist as a tribute to our lives of Adoration and wine red habits to honor the Precious Blood shed by Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world. Seeking to imitate him, our very religious name “Of …

A True Prophet for the Priesthood: Father Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P.

A True Prophet for the Priesthood The Life and Legacy of Very Rev. Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald, s.P. (Text presented with the kind permission of the Institute on Religious Life. This article was first published in their magazine Religious Life, March/April 2010 Issue. For more information you can visit www.religiouslife.com) We’ve added several photos of our Founder to the article we …

Father Gerald Fitzgerald Photos

Father Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P. We are happy to share some of our photos of our Founder, the Very Rev. Father Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald, s.P. His priesthood encompassed both the diocesan and religious life as well as that of a military chaplain in wartime and a founder of two religious communities dedicated to helping priests. You can read more about his …