Lizard sunning himself on a rock in winter.

Watch Your Step!

A Handmaid News

During Lent we expect a few more trials and tribulations that come with the time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Any attempt to walk closer to God is bound to draw the ire of the enemy. It can be subtle temptations or outright surprise attacks. It’s a little like enjoying the first warm Sun during the waning winter. The warmth is nice. You like it. You would like to stay there. You find a cozy spot to sit down on a warm rock…a perfect natural seat in fact. Just as you settle down, you see the nearly invisible lizard or snake that also wants that seat. 
It’s often not our ally wanting us to sit down, rest, and stay warm. When the temptation is there to ‘take it easy’, be more wary, and look hard before you sit down.
OBTW: There is a lizard in this photo.