Callaway Ridge

The First Snows in New Market

A Handmaid News

If its winter, then we must expect snow…even in Tennessee. Now that our new location has us further north in East Tennessee and higher up in altitude, we prepared ourselves for the season as best we could realizing that no amount of shoveling and de-icing would make our property accessible if the county road leading up to our ridge top property was impassable. So it was that we enjoyed 4 inches the first “storm” and 3 inches of snow in the second “storm”…which for most of the mid Atlantic states was the Blizzard of 2016. And we really couldn’t get out, or have others come out, for about three days. That allowed ample prayer time for the hundreds of thousands paralyzed by the blizzard. We kept most in our prayers those brave souls who, for love of others, dared the blizzard and participated in the March for Life. We want to share a few photos of our own surroundings in the snow in gratitude for the beauty of creation even as we thanked God for the gift of life and redouble our prayers for those denied this gift. We also keep all those still suffering the ill effects of the blizzard in our prayers.