Handmaid Habit

Our Habit

Our Habit: Crimson Robes “The Precious Blood of Jesus is your wedding garment, dear Handmaids, treasure it for it speaks to you of love.” – Father Gerald, s.P. Founder   Why is our apparel red? Why do the Handmaids wear red? Precisely, why do we wear wine-red? And white veils? What do the symbols of the habit and veil mean? When our …

Scenes of Work and Recreation

Work and Recreation Handmaid style “So the joy I am preaching to you…is the ideal of living so much in love with Jesus Christ that when He crucifies you, you will be happy! To do this, you have to make good that definition of joy: Jesus Only You… ….When you have real spiritual joy, God is supreme in your life …

Red and Green Beans...a colorful manifestation of God's Providence.

Bean Shelling

A Handmaid News

Bean Shelling in the Summer Thanks to the generosity of so many local gardeners we enjoy a bounty of produce, fresh vegetables, homemade jams, and homemade canned goods in abundance throughout the year.

A True Prophet for the Priesthood: Father Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P.

A True Prophet for the Priesthood The Life and Legacy of Very Rev. Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald, s.P. (Text presented with the kind permission of the Institute on Religious Life. This article was first published in their magazine Religious Life, March/April 2010 Issue. For more information you can visit www.religiouslife.com) We’ve added several photos of our Founder to the article we …

Lying prostrate before the altar during the Litany of the Saints.

Profession of Vows

Come, Bride of Christ A Closer Look at the Ceremony of Profession of Vows It takes a long time to make a nun…at least nine years, but no more than twelve, for a Handmaid of the Precious Blood. Much longer than your pre-Cana course for couples wanting to wed in the Catholic Church. In that time, the candidate is tested …

Father Gerald Fitzgerald Photos

Father Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P. We are happy to share some of our photos of our Founder, the Very Rev. Father Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald, s.P. His priesthood encompassed both the diocesan and religious life as well as that of a military chaplain in wartime and a founder of two religious communities dedicated to helping priests. You can read more about his …

Father John Dowling and the CCW convoyed to Benton with the generous outpouring of gifts from the parish.

Monastery Pantry Shower

A Handmaid News

Council of Catholic Women Host A Monastery Pantry Shower for Handmaids of the Precious Blood The Council of Catholic Women (CCW) from St. Francis parish in Fairfield Glade generously arranged a bountiful pantry shower for us recently. We want to thank Father Dowling, his entire parish, all the Council members and all those who contributed in any way to our …