Serendipity or God’s Lessons?

A Handmaid News

This week when we listened to the Gospel message of Our Lord scolding the Pharisees as hypocrites for washing the outsides of cups and dishes while remaining unclean within, we enjoyed a parallel message, though in the form of wood. As many in Tennessee know well, wood + water + weather = maintenance. Despite our extra TLC, renovations and repairs of the wood decks and stairs when we moved here, the north stairs and framework on Mater Dei finally revealed their true, inner selves. Unfortunately, their innards proved entirely rotten and they are now needing to be completely replaced. To paraphrase: “Oh you soft white pine! You are cleaned, painted, and varnished on the outside; but your inside is full of moisture and rot!” We are thankful that we learned the condition of the stairs and framework before anyone could have been injured.

On a related front, we have also had to declare a defeat in the War of the Squirrels. The stairs they have so deliciously dined on for seven years may not be rotting but they are diminishing, thanks to those cute little teeth, at an alarming rate. They too will be replaced but with a composite material we’ve used elsewhere that we noted the tree-rodents sampled briefly but elected not to dine on thereafter.

Please pray to Saint Joseph that he will provide for our needs to cover this project at this time. And include prayers for safety for the ‘living Josephs’ working on the property at this time. We are always grateful for their talent, tools, and hard work.