A Handmaid News

Our cartoon is called MAKING ABORTION HISTORY. Perhaps, because it can be taken two different ways (say by Planned Parenthood vs Pro-Life Advocates), we should be Apostles of the Obvious when we restate and reaffirm that Catholic teaching is against any and all forms of abortion and seeks to protect all human life because we are made in the image and likeness of God.

May we one day soon have the happy task of teaching a new generation about the horrors of these years when the culture of death was so prominent, because those we teach will never have witnessed it themselves. If they grow up in a world without this evil, how strange it will seem that it was ever defended.

Think about this. Each person is willed by God: unique and unrepeatable. Billions and billions of us. Yet each one of us shares in the image and likeness of God. Only an infinite God, of infinite Love, infinitely personal Love (if we can use that term), could do that. That beautiful mystery may be easier to grasp than how can some people, professing to be Catholic, not just tolerate the culture of death, but glorify and promote it. In the end they are deeply harming themselves, countless holy innocents, and the expectant mothers they purport to help.

Pray for them.