22 Aug 2015 Prayer Vigil Outside Knoxville Planned Parenthood

Joining Our Prayers To Theirs

A Handmaid News

From our cloister at Cor Jesu Monastery, we added our prayers to those hundreds gathered near the Knoxville Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015. Appropriately, this nationwide prayer protest fell on the Feast of the Queenship of Our Lady, in whose hands we can place our requests for a blossoming of the culture of life in our land. Through the great gift of the Eucharist, we could join our prayers in adoration to the many thousands praying at the same time across 47 states at over 300 Planned Parenthood clinics. Before Our Lord exposed in the monstrance, before whom no life is valueless and no one is outside the realm of his love and mercy, we continue to ask the grace of conversion of hearts for all involved in this tragedy and to bring an end to abortion everywhere. We are grateful to Bishop Stika, Pastors Cecil Clark and Ral Waltower and other pro-life advocates who led the prayer vigil. We share some photos of Stephanie Richer of the event.