Hammers and Nails

A Handmaid Monastery, News

The Handmaids are hearing a lot of hammers and nails lately and sometimes are swinging a few hammers of our own. A great deal has been accomplished since our last update post of August 11th, and we would like to share some photos of the work in action to encourage you to accompany us in prayer as we labor to prepare the house the Lord intends to build for us.

His abundant Providence has allowed us to utilize proceeds left over from the sale of our former monastery in New Mexico to remodel our new buildings to safely house the current number of Handmaids in Tennessee through the winter. This has required a great deal of repair and renovation to transform things into a more monastic setting, such as the addition of a Mass Chapel, Oratories, a Library, a Chapter room, laundry, and sewing room. Maintenance and upkeep alone are quite a task but the Lord is showing us the incredible possibilities for the future in expanding the main building into a full monastery when the time is right.

As several Sisters have now occupied the former rustic lodge (now called Cor Jesu Monastery, which will be built into a full monastery in the future) we’ve adapted to a daily rhythm of having our Benediction, Mass, Divine Office and holy hours at the ridge top house, called Mater Dei, while construction continues at Cor Jesu. It still leaves plenty of opportunity to witness the dedication and craftsmanship of those who transform this gift of God into a monastery proper. We are incredibly grateful to those men and women whose talents have contributed to so much progress in such a short amount of time. We ask God to reward each of them abundantly and we bring all their needs and intentions with us in our daily prayers.

The pace at which the various projects are undertaken is such that just taking simple photos to document the transformation is a concerted effort in itself when as many as seven major projects can be going on at once. We gladly tolerate a small amount of mayhem, knowing that at Saint Joseph’s workshop there was also work in progress.