Gunther Participates Even In Jubilees

A Handmaid News

You may have heard that this is the Holy Year of Saint Joseph as well as the Amoris Laetitia Family Year, a double holy year. During this special time in the Church, our religious institute is marking two other anniversaries: The centennial of our Founder’s ordination to the priesthood and our upcoming 75th anniversary of our foundation.

As part of our celebrations, we have been having special holy hours, days of silent prayer and recollection, reviewing our Founder’s life and the charism he gave his spiritual daughters and opening the archives of selected items to enjoy like a family reunion. Table reading at our evening meal is currently Servant of God John A. Hardon, S.J.s spiritual biography of Father Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P. which he entitled “A Prophet for the Priesthood”.

Gunther listens closely. (He also can be seen doing this during Grace.)

Even Gunther has noticed all the special events, particularly the meal time readings. He pays close attention to announcements although, as a Russian Blue, he does abhor change and keeps an eye out whenever ‘his’ chair is moved around. When it became the reader’s chair, he almost jumped up to join her but then settled for listening respectfully at her side. He’s polite and very quiet. That makes up for his high wire acts aloft in the library along the thin railings.