Flowers for Saint Joseph on his Solemnity

A Handmaid News

If you look closely at the tiny statue of Saint Joseph and Jesus, you’ll notice Saint Joseph’s lower tunic is the same color as the hyacinth.

The recent early warm temperatures and heavy rains meant that flowers, shrubs, and trees popped into bloom seemingly overnight. But the timing was perfect. After First Vespers of the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Handmaids carefully gathered some ready made day flowers around the property. Daffodils and double daffodils, some greens, hyacinth, and a couple tiny white pansies filled a basket. Under the gifted and creative hands of a sister, they quickly became surprise bouquets to grace the refectory tables during the Solemnity of Saint Joseph. As it is Lent, though beautiful, they would not be on the altars. But having them up close at nose length meant we could savor the sweet scents. In this special Year of Saint Joseph, we are so grateful for God’s Providence arranging this little gift as splendidly as the bouquets themselves.

So, sometimes Saint Joseph doesn’t just look after construction work, but he can handle flower delivery as well! Deo Gratias!