Just some of the donated collection of Father Tom DeVita.

Father Tom DeVita, RIP

A Handmaid News

Our Grateful Prayers In Memory of Father Tom DeVita

Not too long after we arrived in Tennessee we received a prayer request for a priest suddenly stricken with widespread cancer. As he prepared himself for major surgery and all possible outcomes, he devoted time and energy to arranging his affairs including the distribution of a lifetime collection of beautiful religious arts and goods.

Although we never met him in person, he knew we prayed for him particularly and asked that a portion of his collection be set aside for the Handmaids of the Precious Blood.

After his death, two Knights of Columbus, Jim Barret and Bill Risko undertook a long drive to retrieve the items he had labeled for us and delivered them to us recently.

Like our Founder, Father Gerald, Father Tom had an eye for beautiful religious images both unique and familiar. We will continue to remember him in our prayers whenever we see his gifts and recall his thoughtfulness.

Thank you Father Tom DeVita and rest in peace.