Three Happy Handmaids after closing on the property.

Deo Gratias! We Have A New Home!

A Handmaid Monastery, News

On 4 June 2015, we could breathe a prayer of thanksgiving as we closed on our new home we had been praying we could purchase. Once again, God’s Providence did indeed provide for all that was needed in our ongoing search for the location of the new monastery. We are incredibly grateful to the team of hidden prayer warriors and workers that made all this possible.

Our Lord is allowing us the privilege to move to a place a loving family has built and cared for for generations. They have done so with such Christ-like devotion…even to permanently fixing within one building’s masonry, in the fireplace, a cross with a heart beneath it. As this will become the foundation for the new Cor Jesu monastery (the first cloistered monastery and motherhouse in the Diocese of Knoxville), it could only be fitting as Cor Jesu is Latin for “Heart of Christ”. What better to see at the apex of the roof, in un-removable rock, a heart beneath a cross?

Two years ago, before we even left New Mexico, we were presented with a donated portable altar by the Lucero family. A cabinet maker built the altar and they donated the Italian marble for the top. Rather than the expected chalice carved in wood on the front of the altar, the cabinet maker spontaneously added instead a cherry wood carved heart beneath a cross for the centerpiece of the altar front. Little did we know, God’s Providence extended even to this small detail that one day, the altar with the cross and heart on it would travel to the new property that featured a cross and heart in stone. For us, it is just another small indication that God is planning our every move and adventure in following his perfect will. He is moving us right to where he wants us.

Now that the purchase has been made, packing is underway in earnest. We hope to move to the new site in mid July, if possible on the wonderful Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on July 16th. As it happens, for many of our Handmaids, this is the anniversary of their taking the religious vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. A beautiful day to leap into a new adventure following our Beloved.