Catching Up On Easter – Good Friday

A Handmaid News, Triduum

Good Friday is perhaps the most poignant and painful day of our year, the day without Mass, yet we call it Good. How is Good Friday a Good? How do we nuns celebrate this terrible day when man dared to kill God? With an eye (and an ear) on the soon-to-be-sung Exultet praising the ‘O Happy Fault’ that gained us so great a Redeemer, we spend this day tremendously aware of the cost of sin and the simple idea of the loss of God. For us in particular, as Brides of Christ devoted to Eucharistic Adoration and living in the Real Presence as a tactile, physicality of our life, this day is a Wound. And a gaping one. It could be better to say this day, this Good Friday, is a Wounding. Our Beloved, in whose very Presence we exist, whose proximity is our very lifeline is going to be taken from us and will be gone for a time. While we fathom somewhat that this will enable him, in another way, to remain with us forever in this life in the Blessed Sacrament, it doesn’t remove the pain of his Passion and Death. Nor our acknowledgment of our role in it.

We have so much to be thankful for. Even if COVID denied us the chance to kiss the Cross as an act of veneration, we can carry gratitude in our hearts constantly for what Our Lord did for us in embracing his Passion.