Catching Up On Christmas: Oh Christmas Tree!

A Handmaid News

We have the neatest star…zoom in and guess what it was Handmaid handmade from! [hint: it involves pie]

It may be Ordinary Time again, but our creches are still up and will remain until February 2nd, though our Christmas trees are getting undecorated and packed away again. Given that we live in three separate buildings on the property, it should surprise no one that we have more than one Christmas tree. In fact, if you count the little ones in the many Nativity Scenes, we likely have a forest! But this news post is about the largest tree in Mater Dei house and it’s custom star. Look closely enough at the well proportioned star and you’ll agree its a perfect fit for the tree. Wonder where we got it? It’s handmade. Actually it is Handmaid handmade. An enterprising and skillful Sister repurposed pie plates to craft the silver star. If you zoom in you may be able to make out the words “ALWAYS SUPPORT THE BOTTOM” on it.