Yes, Nuns Vote!

A Handmaid News

Nuns vote? Yes, we vote and we do so with as much prayer as we do research. Obviously, we enjoy a perspective from the cloister that the world does not; the ability to view the objective facts about parties, platforms, and candidates without the rancor, rage, passion and mudslinging the average American has to withstand on a daily, if not hourly, basis. It allows for heartfelt and conscientious voting knowing that we have examined what we can of the candidates and platforms, but also of our own consciences before God in exercising our freedom.

Shortly after our yearly retreat, during which we removed ourselves even more from whatever could steal our contemplation and silence, we got out our absentee ballots, sharpened our pencils and each Handmaid, as a free citizen and a faithful Catholic, voted. Envelopes were sealed with a prayer for the turbulent days in which we live and confidence that Christ continues to reign over all.

Just because our own voting rights have been exercised, we do not jettison the election from our prayers. As our Bishops have done, we urge all people to seriously engage themselves in how their Faith impacts their entire lives, including their public lives and how they cast their ballot and why. The USCCB has many resources available here but we also want to highlight a priest who has masterfully explained why a person’s vote matters very much…even to God. Thank you Father Lankeit!

PDF Text of Father John Lankeit of Phoenix homily for October 2nd, 2016. (You can also watch the video here: