Wood Houses and Wet Weather

A Handmaid Monastery, News

If people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, perhaps we can also say people who live in wood houses should attend to preventative maintenance. We are making sure we keep up on it. We had a great deal of renovations, repairs, and improvements to make on both the wood houses we moved into in July of 2015, but weren’t able to do everything at once and had to put off some needed exterior treatments until after the winter. Now, the house we call “Mater Dei” on the ridge top is getting a good round of TLC. This involved first, a serious cleaning and pressure wash of all exterior surfaces including an inspection of every nook and cranny to seal any place water might sit after a rain…and grow things not good for wood. And, after drying, the application of paint and sealer. The painstaking work is still in progress and we look forward eagerly to its completion for Mater Dei. Join us in thanking God for the workers and those benefactors who have enabled us to tend to this treatment.