Wish Lists and General Food/Kitchen supplies UPDATED

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UPDATE: In the interest of safety, any in-person deliveries will need to be pre-coordinated so that a Sister or representative for the community can meet deliveries outside the enclosure at a set time. In addition, we not only again echo Saint Paul’s admonition ‘not to impoverish’, we add the admonition to all our dear generous friends and benefactors ‘not to endanger yourselves’. Please do not risk shopping directly for us if you weren’t planning to already venture out for your own needs. Consider mail order or other means if Amazon and Walmart cannot fulfill online ordering. Know you have our eternal gratitude for your help and prayers for your well being.

We have usually requested items via our Amazon and Walmart wish lists as they handily track what has already been donated and allow us to specify size, quantity, and urgency. With the current situation in the world and some of the ‘panic’ buying, we’ve discovered that many of our usual items we request on our lists are no longer in stock. 

We would like to request donations of some basics if you are able to donate without impoverishing yourself or taking an item someone else needs [don’t empty the shelf]. Mailing (USPS/UPS/Fedex) would be the best delivery means if you can afford the cost. Our storage space is limited so smaller amounts more regularly would be best. We will update this list and have Deacon Scott share it via social media when there are large changes.


• brown rice
• pasta (whole wheat)
• chicken ramen
• soup mixes (non spicy)
• plain dried beans (lentil, split pea, pinto, white, navy etc)
• bean soup mixes
• breakfast cereal (non-sugary)
• bran cereal
• corn meal
• septic safe toilet tissue
• facial tissues
• paper towels
• dry milk
• instant mashed potatoes
• canned green beans/corn/beets/spinach
• applesauce [unsweetened] • saltines
• graham crackers (plain)
• pancake mix
• cream of wheat
• malt o meal
• prunes
• sugar free jello
• sugar free jam
• plastic wrap
• aluminum foil
• tuna and chicken in pouches (lighter weight than cans for mailing)
• 8 gallon trash bags if possible with drawstring

• [new] dry yeast packets – a small amount as they do not keep
• [new] all purpose flour
• [new] bread flour
• [new] a few bread machine mixes

As it may be difficult to work with sending items directly, you can also opt to make a donation via mailed check or online donation. This webpage has details on how to do that. 

May God bless you and Mary keep you….very healthy!