Well Update: A Swell Leak

A Handmaid News

Thank you for all the prayers with our well situation. Last year a leak was found and repaired at the well head at the top of the ridge. One symptom of the emptying water line was a curiously loud hissing and spitting down from the well itself. Upon taking the lid off the well head, we were treated at regular intervals to our own little imitation of a geyser spewing out of the hole.

If you look closely you will see what looks like smoke (its water) blowing out the right side of the exposed well head.

That ominous display recently began to reappear along with our lowering water pressure. Finding the source of the leak has also proved ominous in that the water line from the well is some 1,200 feet. BUT, we put the prayer request out and your spiritual assistance is already showing signs of help. This morning a bit of soggy grass was found down the hill as the water line approaches Cor Jesu Monastery. In fact, it was trying it’s best to look like a miniature lily pond without the lilies. So this is good news.

The less than stellar news is that it’s adjacent to a ground transformer (blessedly downhill from it though). So we won’t be proceeding with anything until power lines are marked and a safe plan is devised. Please keep the prayers up! We are grateful!