vSemper Per Mariam Always Through Mary

Semper Per Mariam

Always Through Mary

This is our second motto, as it were, after “Pro Christo In Sacerdote Suo” or “For Christ In His Priest.” Essentially that is because we can never be for Christ in His Priest without first being as Mary, Mother of Priests was, as she showed us during her earthly life. Now, in Heaven, she continues to assist us in the lifelong task to conform ourselves to the Crucified.

In Imitation of Mary

Our Marian devotion cannot be limited to devotionals. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then we constantly strive to imitate the first Handmaid of Our Lord, the Blessed Mother, in her “Fiat” to God’s Will. That “Fiat” is as glorious as it is painful because in living it we give the Heavenly Father a blank check to do with us as he wills. But that obedience to his will is precisely what gets us closest to Jesus. When we find it difficult to follow Jesus, we can always follow Mary. She will always lead us to her Son.

In Hiddenness like Mary
Our Lady of the Precious Blood

Our Lady of the Precious Blood

Mary is the first Handmaid of the Lord who, though she had the greatest right to be near Jesus every day of his life in her role as mother, chose instead to embrace the will of the Father by being obedient to Jesus’ wish that she instead be his best disciple. For her this was largely a hidden role, in the background praying until that intense crescendo on Calvary.

Mary chose, in her humility, to remain largely hidden despite her importance in the life and ministry of her Son, Jesus. As we explain in our page about papal enclosure, our willed separation from the world frees us to pray and sacrifice for everyone in it, far beyond anything we could accomplish physically in a direct apostolate. It is the Mother of God, Mother of Priests, who shows us how to live this way. She did it first. Now she reaches all from Heaven.

We are not hiding away from anyone. We are hidden in humility like Mary was on earth while we plead for her Heavenly intercession for her priests. We do this especially for priests in spiritual need but exclude no one from our prayers. As she did in Cana, so now she brings pleas for others before her Son. So we bring souls before our Lord for his healing and help in their lives that only God can truly provide. We go straight to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, we go straight to the source of the solution to every problem presented to us in prayer requests.

In Obedient Silence, Suffering, and Surrender like Mary

Pieta with Quote From Father GeraldIt is true that Mary would have been the perfect priest. But Jesus did not choose this for his mother. Instead he asked for her remarkable ‘Fiat!’ to join her ministry to his in such a way that was tellingly marked by silence, suffering, and surrender that led ultimately to the foot of the Cross. How was it that, after initially fleeing in the Garden of Gethsemane with all the rest of the Apostles, the Beloved Disciple John, representative of all priests, was able to stand beneath his dying Master in fidelity to the end? Perhaps, because the strength given to him by the witness of Mary, Mother of Priests? Her role as a spiritual mother to all of us, and of all priests, was played out in a specific way when she walked the earth and our life as Handmaids is structured to emulate her manifestation of that silent, interceding, pleading motherhood. No one helps priests like their Mother, Mary and we are just striving to follow her example. The contemplative and cloistered way we live enables us to do that “par excellence”.

Mary, Queen of the Clergy and Mother of Priests, Pray For Us!