View of the Day: Lights on a Hill in the Priests Garden

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

Seventh Station of the Cross during a fall dusk with the lights on

Initially, when the Stations of the Cross were erected in the Phase I Mary Mother of Priests Garden, we didn’t notice that atop the posts were small solar panels and that the edges of the trim on the posts would illuminate at night. These photos are from October. Now, in June, we can look out an enjoy God’s natural wonder of the fireflies dancing in the air not far from our little circle of solar powered lights. The amber lightning bug displays speak to us of God’s wonder and delight that even an insect can glow. The small white lights on the stations speak to us of another of God’s wonders: his priests. Without them, we do not have Jesus. Dei Gratias!

Snow in Priest Garden in Winter