Twas the Night Before Christmas Again

A Handmaid News

Last year around this time we enjoyed some more visits of our best friends in the insect-eating world, little brown bats. Only they insisted on coming inside the monastery and enjoying the high ceilings and low tables of the refectory making breakfast somewhat exciting. In honor of that event, we published a little poem based on “Twas the Night Before Christmas” but now on the theme of pius bats. A very thoughtful and creative friend of our community painted a version of what it might have looked like and we saved it until now to share during the Christmas season. As it is in the low to mid 60s this December, we’ve noticed our bats are active again and are happy to report they are taking their breakfast (or evening repast) out doors rather than in our refectory.

Enjoy the rest of Christmas! It’s just begun!

[See the Original post…with bat photos!]

‘Twas the night before Christmas and throughout the monastery
not a Sister was sleeping since they were all wary;
for high up the chimney, clinging with care
was a bat, in hopes that insects soon would be there;
toes tight on rock he slept, head hanging down
oblivious to all Sisters’ unhappy frowns.

It’s true we like bats for the bugs that they eat
but all things considered, another perch would be neat!

Roused by our breakfast, he flew down with a clatter
as Nuns shrieked and ran and started to scatter;
Atop a wood beam he sat and observed
as Sisters below skittered and swerved.
A nicer spot soon would be found
a way high above, far off the ground.

He blushed to see Sisters’ uplifted gaze
their love and devotion it did him amaze;
Puzzled at first at our heavenward eyes
the bat could only wonder and somehow surmise:
up twenty-five feet on the arm of the Cross
he pondered his gain, thinking he was the boss–
“Forget all the dogs! And forget all the cats!
These here Nuns, what they must love are us lovable bats!”