Third Millennium Tools for Archives

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We are posting a “shout-out” requesting a little help with a long term project as we celebrate both our Founder’s centennial of priestly ordination as well as our community’s upcoming diamond jubilee next year. Remember those old things called tape cassettes? How about audio reel-to-reel tapes? A substantial part of our archives include analog media like tapes and reel-to-reels. Some, through the labors of dedicated sisters and helpers over the years, have been upgraded to digital format and are stored on several back-up computer drives. As we have wanted to particularly make some treasured archive audio files more easily available for our sisters, we realized a tape player wasn’t going to cut it. Nor was burning them to CD. [People tell us CDs are obsolete, too!]

With a little research, we researched durable mp3 players that could be pre-loaded with selected archives and signed out like a library book for a period of time by the sisters. For us, simplicity and ease of use, coupled with a decent price, led to the one below we are wish-listing. We would like to be able to have six to build an audio library. If you are in any way able to assist us, we are grateful.

The Model is A65.