They’re Back! But We Have A Bat Cat!

A Handmaid News

After a lovely hiatus of a few years, our little brown bat friends have again checked out the inside of Cor Jesu Monastery. Previous agreements that they were quite welcome for insect control outside apparently have fallen by the wayside. Last week, after a nocturnal holy hour, we were alerted by Gunther that something was amiss. He quickly pointed out the winged object fluttering about the refectory tables. The wise bat retreated to the top of the chimney (a popular hanging site) for some needed rest after dealing with a cat all night. The next day, a friend joined him and together they calmly slept away the days until they were gently removed and escorted outside by a brave and helpful Knight of Columbus. “Hurray!” we thought….except for that nagging notion in the back of our minds, “How did it get in?” But, if they are not dive bombing the refectory tables at breakfast, all must be well…right?

Gunther, after having chased the bat onto the screen, spends the day observing him at close quarters safely separated by window glass before the flying insect eater was gently removed and returned to freedom.

We are all used to sounds in the night and can dismiss some familiar ones as Gunther playing with his toys in the wee hours or prowling. But when Mother heard him racing around her cell and it was accompanied by an odd, unrecognizable scuffling sound she grabbed a flashlight. Much to her chagrin, she learned exactly what the sound had been. Gunther, (don’t tell him, but he was like a bird dog pointing or a hunting dog treeing its prey) was at the open window quite close against the screen where a bat was clinging for its life, unable to get out. He wasn’t harming the bat and the bat wasn’t harming him but they both wanted to be, well – separate species. They both seemed to agree that the bat should be outside. Mother carefully closed the window and arranged for some gentle extrication come daylight. When the sun rose, we were afforded ample and safe opportunities to examine the bat and marvel at God’s creation of these featherless but flyable mammals.

We would appreciate a few prayers on our behalf to Saint Anthony so we can find the exact entrance point and seal it up while the bats are out feeding. We already have been indebted again to Gunther for alerting us to more flying guests but the current Cor Jesu guest must have heard about the window ordeal and is staying far above out of cat reach atop the fireplace.

“I’ve been up all night making sure the bat won’t bother anyone anymore but I really need a nap.”

Gertrude is terribly jealous as she is missing all this fun as she is on squirrel duty at Mater Dei House. But her hunting skills are becoming manifest.