The Well Ran Dry

A Handmaid News

The Well Ran Dry…literally.
We interrupt our normal reflections on the week’s cartoon to request your prayers and help in a matter of pressing concern. Well, of pressing concern for some nuns on a hilltop in East Tennessee. And well, it’s about a well. You may recall an earlier news post last year entitled “Well, well, well…our well is well!”  after some critical repairs to a leak we’re finally successful. Well (ahem, another bad pun) now our well is no longer well it seems.
While dropping another well head was in our longer range plans concomitant to constructing a monastery, it appears God is letting us know that now is the time to attend to this affair. The current well is dry. So, we will need help:
1. First and foremost PRAY that we can find a workable and affordable stop gap.
2. Then PRAY some more that we can find the right folks to assist us with a good and long lasting solution.
3. If we really have to dig a completely new well, PRAY that, if it be God’s will, it hits water right away.
We will keep everyone as up to date as possible. We are offering up this minor inconvenience for you and all your needs and intentions in these difficult times in our nation and the world. God bless you!