A Handmaid News

We recently received a wonderful gift from a very generous benefactor. Four raised beds, on wheels and completely assembled and full of rich, black soil just waiting for our green thumb sisters to “dig in”. For the gardeners, this is like winning the lottery. A fresh, pristine box of nutritious soil awaiting a seed, seedling, or transplant is something like walking out of the confessional. It’s a fresh start. There are no weeds. Only opportunities to grow.

The measuring and mapping and planning have begun and already the first radishes are in. In the spiritual life, they say gardening is good for the soul but bad for the back. With these raised and movable beds, we gratefully will enjoy more of the former than the latter. God be praised and may our benefactor be blessed!

We will let you know if the local inhabitants that visit the other gardens regularly take note of this development and think its a buffet set out just for them.

Deo Gratias!