Tennessee Knights of Columbus Men of the Hour

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Old tales are full of stories of people being rescued by knights in shining armor, but this year, Tennessee Knights of Columbus are learning to do this rescuing on their knees. We often associate Knights of Columbus with what they do, what actions they take, what services they tangibly provide. But the Men of the Hour are adding something deeper to their regular works of charity.

Who are the Men of the Hour? They are Knights of Columbus who are praying for others specifically in Eucharist Adoration. Some have been doing this for years, even decades. Others are just learning. The program is a practical means for Knights to begin truly experiencing a devotion with which Handmaids are well familiar: the power of prayer before the Eucharist.

Dedicated Knights sign up for regular Eucharistic Adoration hours and bring with them concrete prayer intentions at the personal, parish, and council level.

It can be hard for some to adopt a new devotion like what this program proposes, perhaps especially for Knights used to more active functions; fixing, doing, building, giving. The hour is not structured like a community prayer service. It can be just one on one. One man and Jesus. One Knight kneeling before his Lord and beseeching him for the graces others need. May the Tennessee Knights learn to love unlocking the powerful helplessness found humbly on one’s knees that leads to the best help only God can provide.

In the times we live in, of uncertainty, war, terrorism and violence, it is heartwarming and strengthening to see that the program intends to deliberately include in their holy hours the needs of active duty military, their families, veterans, and community first responders.

Excerpts from the Tennessee Knights of Columbus Brochure “We Are Men of the Hour

We are recruiting select men of our Order from every Council and Fourth Degree Assembly to become “specialized prayer warriors for Christ.”

Each week, these Men of the Hour will take gathered prayer requests and prepared petitions directly to our Lord in the tabernacle. Through dedicated Holy Hours and Eucharistic Adoration, these dutiful Knights will ask our Lord in person for his intercession, protection, and care for those suffering and in need.

Working in conjunction with our Council Chaplains, Assembly Friars, Pastors and Associate Pastors our Knights will come to rely upon these prayers in the audience of Christ to help care for our brother Knights especially those who may be falling away from the Church or may have happened upon hard times.

No man alone has the strength required to protect the world, or even his family, from the evils that lurk in the shadows and attempt to destroy us all. However, with Christ (and our prayers) all things are possible!

Our Lord possesses the power to defeat the evil that thrives in our modern world. If we let him, Christ will use us as his faithful soldiers to help wage the war against sin. Are you ready to surrender to God and let Christ guide your life? Are you ready to follow him wherever it may lead? If yes, you are ready to become a Man of the Hour.

Men of the Hour are each invited to participate in educational tracks, as well as attend workshops and retreats, to learn the fundamentals of a structured prayer life including praying the liturgy of the hours!

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