A beautiful view for the Transfiguration!

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Who can comprehend just what Jesus looked like on Mount Tabor when he revealed his glory to his inner circle of Apostles? The Feast of the Transfiguration reminds us to both marvel at what we can’t grasp while simultaneously awaiting with confidence that this is a hint of what awaits us with Christ in eternity. What will Heaven be like? …

View of the Day: Howdy Neighbor to the Cows

A Handmaid News

One of the beauties of East Tennessee in our area is pasture land and soft rolling hills around the rivers dotted with cows, horses, donkeys and other assorted animals. While the local bovines sometimes give in to the ‘grass is always greener over the fence’ temptation to sample our wares, more often than not they simply watch us. When our …

View of the Day: Of Flowers and Butterflies

A Handmaid News

They say April showers bring May flowers but in East Tennessee we have found that flowers need little encouragement to get going. Here is an April photo of “late” flowers. The butterfly does not think the flowers weren’t on time. They are perfect for his needs at that minute. Butterflies are beautiful creatures for two reasons: their markings of course, …

View of the Day: Holston River

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Sometimes it would seem the only argument you would need for God’s existence is to open your eyes and look around. So we seek to share some of those captured moments in our views of the day. Here is an inspirational look from our cliff looking down the Holston River on a very calm day. On days with great calm …

Rose in bloom

View of the Day: Coming Up Roses

A Handmaid News

Today we share just a close up of one of our “Knock Out Roses” from Our Lady of Guadalupe House. The bushes, perhaps suspecting they adorn the front of a building named for Our Lady of Guadalupe, seem to do their very best each year to out produce our capacity to cut and prune them.  Taking a look at this …

Sunrise at the Cross at the Mary Mother of Priests Tribute Garden

View of the Day: Sunrise at the Cross

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

Spring is a wonderful season in East Tennessee. In the soft rolling hills of this area, sunrise and sunset are special treats. It’s worth the trek up the hill to see the first rays of the Sun falling on the new Cross at the Mary Mother of Priests Garden. A bit of Easter glory each morning. Deo Gratias!