Three Happy Handmaids after closing on the property.

Deo Gratias! We Have A New Home!

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On 4 June 2015, we could breathe a prayer of thanksgiving as we closed on our new home we had been praying we could purchase. Once again, God’s Providence did indeed provide for all that was needed in our ongoing search for the location of the new monastery. We are incredibly grateful to the team of hidden prayer warriors and …

The hills are alive with the sound of Handmaids singing Deo Gratias!

A Property Surprise from Saint Joseph and Bishop Stika

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New Property Found for the Handmaids? Saint Joseph constantly surprises us but so does our Bishop Stika. During our recent extensive search at the various gems of East Tennessee property hiding among the mountains and rivers, Bishop Stika requested that some Handmaids represent the community at the Conversation with the Cardinals held at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville on 18 …