The basic gravel road with water runoff areas

Our New Road

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Our new road running from Mater Dei (the house on the top of our property) to Cor Jesu Monastery (the building down the hill) is about done. We thought we would share a few photos of the progress and changes. Eventually, when its time to do some work on the areas that are now soil and clay, it will return …

First groundbreaking on the initial phase of the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden at Cor Jesu Monastery

Groundbreaking for Mary, Mother of Priests Garden Initial Phase

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While we have gotten used to bull dozers and other heavy equipment around the grounds, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden was the first time we had color-coordinated shovels on the property. Several wine-red shovels were on hand on our “Sound of Music” hill where we have plans to eventually build the Mary, Mother of Priests …

Blessed Sacrament Cemetery Sandblasting

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Our Blessed Sacrament Cemetery received some beautiful engraving on the main headstone facing the entrance steps to the cemetery. The large headstone also serves to mark the resting place of our Sisters interred beneath the stem of the chalice. Several Sisters in individual graves also received their headstones, perhaps in Eternity smiling as they enjoy our community joke that our …

Lower section of the new road leading to Cor Jesu Monastery.

Road Progress

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As we enter into summertime here at Cor Jesu Monastery, progress (weather permitting) continues on the new road. Please join us in our prayers for the safety of the crew clearing the land and grading it. We are grateful for their labor and look forward to completion.  


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The coming of Spring weather, and the arrival of a bulldozer can only mean one thing at Cor Jesu Monastery: ITS CONSTRUCTION TIME! We ask your prayers for all the workers who will be on site beginning the early preparation work for a small annex project. We pray Great Saint Joseph will provide for all the work (and safe progress) …

A Beautiful First Day of Spring Thanks to the Snow!

Snow In Spring!

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We had a blessed first day of Spring this year with the gift of SNOW! A wet inch, yes, just 1 inch, fell overnight to inspire us with a morning surprise to hail the first official day of Spring, March 21st. Owing to the steep terrain of our property, just a few minutes walk down the road showed us marvelous …

Road to chapel

Oh the Road Again

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As fall moves toward winter we took the opportunity to tend to some needed repairs on our road. As some of you know, since we have not yet built our monastery, we live in separate buildings connected  by gravel roads.  And our roads happen to be on very steep East Tennessee hills. Rainstorms, water run-off, and high traffic use with …

Mary, our Mother and our Model, stood beneath the Cross. This sign hung on the front of Cor Jesu Monastery in New Mexico for many years.

Ecce Mater Dei

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Ecce Mater Dei…Behold, the Mother of God. Some people have asked us why we named the ridge top house “Mater Dei.” We wanted to honor Our Lady, the Mother of God. When we seek to imitate her life in our own vocations of giving our lives for the sanctification of priests, we know this will mean imitating her when she …

Wood Houses and Wet Weather

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If people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, perhaps we can also say people who live in wood houses should attend to preventative maintenance. We are making sure we keep up on it. We had a great deal of renovations, repairs, and improvements to make on both the wood houses we moved into in July of 2015, but …

Home At Last, Home At Last, Thank God Almighty, they’re Home At Last!

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Handmaids Come Home to Blessed Sacrament Cemetery On March 29th, 2016, the Handmaids of the Precious Blood celebrated an important milestone in their settlement in New Market, TN. After moving our entire Resurrection Cemetery from Cor Jesu Monastery in Jemez Springs, NM to the Christ, Prince of Peace Retreat Center in Benton, TN in 2013; we did not anticipate moving …

Callaway Ridge

The First Snows in New Market

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If its winter, then we must expect snow…even in Tennessee. Now that our new location has us further north in East Tennessee and higher up in altitude, we prepared ourselves for the season as best we could realizing that no amount of shoveling and de-icing would make our property accessible if the county road leading up to our ridge top …

Hammers and Nails

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The Handmaids are hearing a lot of hammers and nails lately and sometimes are swinging a few hammers of our own. A great deal has been accomplished since our last update post of August 11th, and we would like to share some photos of the work in action to encourage you to accompany us in prayer as we labor to …