Surprise CCW Shower!

A Handmaid News

CCW Monastery Shower! As many friends of our community know, we have a few wish lists for those who are wondering how they might assist us. Two lists (one for general items and one for books) are on Amazon and a third is on Walmart. We are always grateful to the many generous souls, known and unknown, who provide items to meet our varied needs. Recently though we were slightly stumped when almost all the wished for gift items on Amazon’s general list indicated they had been bought yet boxes didn’t arrive. We assumed it was a computer error, not realizing that Our Lord was really arranging a pleasant surprise. Unbeknownst to us, the Council of Catholic Women (CCW) at St. Francis of Assisi in Fairfield Glade, was once again planning a welcoming shower which would culminate in their Ash Wednesday meeting. Some had boxes sent directly to us scheduled to arrive as Lent began. A majority however was lovingly bagged and boxed, along with notes and good wishes, at the meeting and presented to us soon after in something of a surprise delivery. Some of the Sisters, early arrivals in Tennessee, recalled another outpouring of foodstuffs and non-perishable goods from this same CCW while we were living at the Christ, Prince of Peace Retreat Center in Benton.

Regardless of our different location now, we want to say “Thank you again!” to all the benefactors, donors, and well-wishers. We are grateful and we treasure your prayers for us. Know we are praying for you!