Sorrowful Mother

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Although this day is listed as a memorial in the liturgical calendar, we celebrate it communally as a feast when we chant the Divine Office. This is not simply an occasion to honor the Blessed Virgin Mother as she stood unflinching beneath the Cross. Her acceptance of her son’s passion and the mysterious plan of God ultimately brings us right through to the Resurrection. The victory of life over death. It required Our Lord’s suffering. It required Mary’s suffering. It requires our suffering as well. We share a quote from our Founder, Father Gerald.

“If we can take our place with the sorrowful Mother on Calvary, and especially if we can do that day in and day out, with brave eyes and brave heart and brave spirit, and say quietly to our Lord by pure and simple faith: ‘Lord, it is good for me to be here’ – If, above all, a soul can achieve that when its sorrow comes, when it is stretched out on the cross of its own particular Calvary, if it can still whisper through the sadness of pain, to our dear Lord, Who is indeed listening and is on the Cross with: ‘Lord, it is good for me to be here’, then indeed you have the triumph of the human spirit in Christ.”