Some Good News Out of Africa: Friends of the Missions

A Handmaid News

We’ve heard many good things happening as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the fear and isolation, there are positive items to rejoice about. One of these is the proper use of technology to allow for continued education in the faith, live streaming of Masses and devotions, and evangelization. Virtual retreats, virtual pilgrimages, virtual tours. The resultant need for better and more reliable communication is being understood. While we await those capabilities here in the hills, we were delighted to learn of one remote mission that used the age of quarantine to vastly upgrade its ability to share with the first world, the beautiful works God has done in Africa.

Because generous souls had the time and technology to build a new website platform for a the Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus Mission, the rest of the world can now learn what the Holy Spirit has done in Gabon. We were blessed to know and pray for the priest assigned to resurrect this mission in 2012 and have eagerly kept up with his newsletters these last eight years. Please consider visiting their website and learning how the Lord has allowed Fr. Fragelli’s labors to bear fruit. The soil, as we have recently heard this month in the Sunday Gospel, has been rich and good. May it continue to bear such joyful and abundant fruit: 30 fold, 60 fold, and 100 fold!

A photo of an info card from the mission with all its social media links.