Solemnity of Saint Joseph in the Year of Saint Joseph

A Handmaid News

As the double Holy Years (Year of Saint Joseph and the Year of Amoris Laetitia Family) progress, we come on March 19th, 2021 to the great Solemnity of Saint Joseph the earthly Head of the Holy Family. Many people this March will mark their devotion to Saint Joseph in a particular way, including consecrating themselves to the Foster Father of Jesus. Another word for this might be entrustment. Like consecration to the Blessed Mother, it is a practice that only moves one closer to Jesus by accepting and being in the habit of asking for and accepting intercession of his own Mother. Saint Joseph would want nothing else than our drawing closer to the Son he fostered on earth.

A sometimes overlooked Saint, Joseph had the privilege to live in closest companionship with the Son of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. But that did not mean he had it easy. He was entrusted with the tremendous task of raising Jesus Christ and protecting both him and his Mother and providing for them. Recall that it was under Joseph’s direction and responsibility, in obedience to the message of an angel in his sleep, that the Holy Family fled Herod’s soldiers in the slaughter of the Holy Innocents. It was Joseph who had to lead the way to Egypt, live as a refugee, and see to his family’s needs in a foreign land. Even when the threat seemed to pass, he still had to be responsible for their ongoing safety and well being and always remained attentive to what God was telling him to do. He is a good man to not only imitate but to ask help from. He had to tread the most difficult path of a holy and righteous man seeking God’s will while fully living his role of responsibility and authority in raising the God-man in his midst. That puts him in a great position of knowing how to best help any of us with all our needs. He was prefigured in the Old Testament by Joseph, son of Israel, of whom all the starving world went to in time of famine to secure food. “Go to Joseph” was the instruction. Of the New Testament Joseph, we can say the same, “Ite ad Joseph!”

“Love Joseph, and ask him to teach you how to be a perfect servant of Jesus and Mary, how to hide beneath a simple, unpretentious life of perfect love for God and for your fellow-man.” — Father Gerald, s.P.