A Beautiful First Day of Spring Thanks to the Snow!

Snow In Spring!

A Handmaid News

We had a blessed first day of Spring this year with the gift of SNOW! A wet inch, yes, just 1 inch, fell overnight to inspire us with a morning surprise to hail the first official day of Spring, March 21st. Owing to the steep terrain of our property, just a few minutes walk down the road showed us marvelous differences in how white the trees and grass were. Down by the Holston River and our little pond, little seemed to have stuck. At Cor Jesu Monastery halfway up the hill, the thick wet stuff was dazzling as dawn approached. Atop our Sound of Music Hill overlooking Mater Dei House, the Cross was coated in white on the westside telling us the prevailing winds through the night.

All in all a blessing for us. Our first “real” snow you can take a photo of. Apologies to all suffering from actual snow storms and nor’easters unremittingly. In Tennessee, its still a wonderful thing to see now and again. And though it continued to snow all day…there was no accumulation after that initial beauty melted in the morning.