Say “Cheese!” and Support The Shield!

A Handmaid KofC, News

Say Cheese! Or Mac N’ Cheese. Or 50 pounds of Mac N’ Cheese and a corresponding mountain of coleslaw. What does this have to do with supporting police officers and the Knights of Columbus? How do cloistered nuns ‘help out’ at a fund raiser in the city? From our cloister of course!

With Knights of Columbus delivering the needed supplies for the menu items (right down to the huge pots and mixing bowls to the aluminum casserole pans) and then delivering the assembled dishes (“Cloistered Coleslaw” and “Monastic Mac N’ Cheese”) to the fundraising event, we have been able to participate right from our enclosure. Naturally, there was a great deal of cheese and cabbage scattered all over the kitchen counters, walls, floor, and ourselves of course, but it was worth the effort knowing the BBQ BLUE PLATE dinner and Silent Auction in Knoxville would help provide refurbished bulletproof vests to law enforcement officers. God bless the Knights of Columbus and law enforcement personnel everywhere!

Support The Shield Knights of Columbus Event