Saint Joseph Wednesday

A Handmaid News

There are many resources to help us make the most of the Year of Saint Joseph and many ways to receive the plenary indulgences associated with this much needed year. A simple one is making time for prayer to Saint Joseph on Wednesdays. This day of the week is traditionally dedicated to great Saint Joseph. Prayerfully reciting the Novena to Saint Joseph or the Litany to Saint Joseph are just two ways to mark this day of the week. Incidentally, both these prayers have long been in the Handmaids’ community prayer book and we pray them daily.

We are given a great cloud of witnesses, the Communion of Saints, not only to emulate and be inspired by, but to help us directly. Availing ourselves of the aid of the man God trusted enough to be the earthly guardian and foster father of his Son is precisely what the Church is asking us to practice this year.

The Diocese of Charlotte has built a webpage with easy to find resources, such as common prayers to Saint Joseph.