Mother Marietta and Mother Jonpaul pause during the labor intensive catalog checking and correcting work.

Saint Jerome, Patron Saint of Librarians, Pray for Us!

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Help Wanted: Your Prayers

Saint Jerome, Patron Saint of Librarians

Saint Jerome, Patron Saint of Librarians

Things are moving quickly at the new Cor Jesu Monastery as we prepare the second building for residency. While we continue to pray for the safety and guidance of all the workers and volunteers laboring to make the space not only inhabitable, but monastic and prayerful, we now ask for your spiritual assistance. We Handmaids have only 10 days to unpack, sort, arrange, label, repack and prepare nearly 6,000 books for the new library area currently being built. While we tackle that monumental effort, our construction team is just as hard at work finishing the library area in the building we will move to in late September.

On 19 September, volunteers and workers will move the books to their new library in Cor Jesu…and we will likely fall on our knees in gratitude, before diving into the long missed volumes and treasures inaccessible for the last two years.

We could use most of all your prayers for safety and success but joyful peace too. (And that we won’t peruse the volumes while sorting; it really slows us down. Leisurely prayerful reading of these particular books will have to wait. To tide us over in the interim, we have each armed ourselves with spiritual classics.) Thank you in advance. God bless you!