Returning the Gift

A Handmaid News

It is the Blessed Mother’s Birthday so what present best marks this day? A Rosary? Flowers? Hymns?

 Or also Benediction, Mass and an exchange of gifts?

Today, Father Alex Waraksa said his last Mass with us before moving to his new assignment at Saint Jude’s in Chattanooga. Afterwards, we gathered to receive his blessing one last time as we assured him of our constant and grateful prayers for his years of service as confessor and chaplain. So that was our present to Mary: to return the gift this priest has been to us. 

What about the exchange of gifts? What did Mary give us? Everything in giving us Jesus! And Jesus comes to us particularly through his priests. So we have already received that gift, many times, each time Father Alex gave us Jesus in the Eucharist or absolved us from our sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Happy Birthday Blessed Mother!