Reflection: Fire in the Garden?

Scott Maentz Priests Garden

If you glance at this photo, you might do a double take and wonder what’s on fire in the Mary Mother of Priests Tribute Garden. Or what’s wrong with the camera. The answer is nothing. What you are seeing is the distorted reflection of the sunset on a white metal panel on the southern side of the garden. It isn’t really fire. A similar phenomena has been noted at sunrise on one of the panels facing more or less east. It looks like a fiery light marking the start and end of each day.

Now think about another kind of light. Imagine a raised chalice of the Precious Blood at Mass reflecting light during the elevation. You are looking at the Light of the World held in the hands of a priest. Without that priest, we cannot have that Light. Pray for priests. Pray for your priest. Give him the best gift you can this Lent, your gratitude and your prayers.

If you are inspired to consider sponsoring his name in the Garden, his nameplate can be on that panel as we hold him in particular prayer.