Rediscover A Devotion To The Precious Blood

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Up close instructionsThe Precious Blood chaplet is a simple prayer that walks through all the events in the life of Christ where he shed his Precious Blood for us. Beginning at his infancy and ending on Golgotha, the devotion highlights that, although he could have saved us with just one drop of Precious Blood just once (or not at all even), he chose to shed his blood for us multiple times and in a completely generous way. As we meditate on this during July, we can ask, “How often do we pour ourselves out generously for those we are to love?”

You can follow reflections on this devotion by our Founder here.

Our point is sharing this beautiful chaplet is that it is not limited to the recitation of prayers on beads. Devotion to the Precious Blood cannot be restricted to a chaplet, nor a litany, nor a list of favorite prayers, no matter how fervently prayed that honor the Precious Blood. It is the corresponding pouring out of the entirety of one’s life for the sake of Christ, in imitation of his shedding of his Precious Blood. He held nothing back. His offering in obedience to his Father’s will encompassed his whole life from cradle to the grave. Thus it should be with the Handmaids of the Precious Blood and when we are asked about our devotion to the Precious Blood we remind the inquirers that our Founder chose our title wisely. It was always to be much more than an external devotional, but rather a way of life deeply dedicated to the generous gift of oneself without reserve. Our priests deserve nothing less.