Prayers for Ukraine

A Handmaid Father Gerald Fitzgerald, News

What can a cloistered nun do about a situation beyond her control? Everything. Take it to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. 

Many years ago, when the Handmaids of the Precious Blood were operating their own off-set press in the mountain canyon they called home, their St. Maximillian’s Printery churned out several small prayer booklets and devotionals for the sisters’ use. Among these were a set of daily reflections, short excerpts taken from their Founder’s conferences, prayers, and other writings. Each day of the year had a small sentence or two serving as a miniature type of lectio from Father Gerald, encapsulating his charism of Eucharistic prayer.

As it happens if we looked at the reflection chosen long ago for February 23rd, the day Russia openly invaded Ukraine this year, it read:

During your Holy Hour sometimes go traveling around the world telling our Lord all about it.

We are. Join us as we pray for peace in the world and the hearts of men.