Poinsettias Prolonging Christmas

A Handmaid News

You can probably Google ‘poinsettia’ to learn it’s history and how it became a Christmas plant. This year we were blessed to be given many beautiful poinsettias that will continue to add holiday cheer long into 2021. Thank you dear benefactors!

Just a few of the beautiful poinsettias

There’s a bit to think about though with these remarkable plants. We are often wowed by the red leaves that grab the eye immediately while overpowering the true flower in the center of the plant. It’s tiny and often ignored due to its size.

Think of little Jesus entering the world in the most hidden way like a tiny, obscure bloom. The Christmas season has a lot of eye-popping colors and distractions that can threaten to dim the very reason for the season itself. Though we begin Ordinary Time soon, keep Christmas and the Infant King hidden in your heart all year long.