Marking the sign of the cross on the marble.

New Altar Consecrated

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New Altar Consecrated by Bishop Stika

A gift from the Lucero family in New Mexico, the new altar was consecrated by Bishop Richard F. Stika on the Feast of Saint Stephen, 26 Dec 2013, in the Oratory of the Handmaids of the Precious Blood, Saint Anthony’s Residence of Cor Jesu Monastery located on the grounds of the Christ, Prince of Peace Retreat Center in Benton, Tennessee. The new altar, made in memory of Ray and Dorothy Lucero, was not just a simple donation but made by the family themselves who have a tile and flooring business in Albuquerque. They simply asked for prayers for their parents. You can read more about the arrival and completion of the portable altar before we left for Tennessee at this post.

We thank Bishop Stika and Cardinal Rigali for making our Christmas season all the more special by consecrating the Lucero altar and celebrating the first Mass in our chapel here in Benton. With this new altar consecrated we look forward to many more Masses in Saint Anthony’s chapel in the future.