The altar was donated in memory of Dorothy Lucero.

New Altar Bound For East

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Lucero Family Donates Portable Altar In Memory of Parents

When Deacon Steve Rangel of the Diocese of Santa Fe approached the Lucero family about making a portable altar for the Handmaid’s new foundation in the Diocese of Knoxville he did not expect to necessarily have one built for free. But the only “fee” the family would consider was prayer for their deceased parents, Ray and Dorothy Lucero and the altar was donated in memory of Dorothy.

Not long before the Handmaids began their first trek eastward, Deacon Steve and the family arrived at Cor Jesu Monastery to finish assembling and polishing the wooden altar with a white marble top. During assembly the Sisters learned that a cabinet maker had built the wooden frame, including the crosses adorning the sides and the heart with a cross atop it in the center of the altar front. We watched as they affixed the Italian marble top to the frame, carefully removed the protective coating on the top surface, and then added a last bit of polishing and buffing while explaining how to clean and maintain the altar later.

We look forward to its use in East Tennessee and ask you to join us as we remember the entire Lucero family, especially Ray and Dorothy, in our prayers of thanksgiving.