More Roses for the Running

A Handmaid KofC, News

A real rose plated in silver

Shakespeare wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. True enough. And three times the roses would likely smell even more sweet. Now three more roses are finally off in the annual Running of the Rose sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

As part of their pro-life outreach, the Knights coordinate the pilgrim silver roses as they travel across Canada, the U.S., and Mexico each year stopping at parishes for special Masses, rosaries, and rallies all to promote the sanctity of life. To learn more about the program’s history, click here.

Cor Jesu Monastery was privileged to house silver roses as they would pass through East Tennessee and the Diocese of Knoxville over the last few years and we treasured even having them grace our little Chapel for a few hours or our Oratory overnight during nocturnal adoration. We also realized that one silver rose could not possibly travel to every parish during it’s passage through Tennessee, leaving a great many people without the chance to participate in this special program honoring the gift of life. So we made arrangements to provide three silver roses, one for each Diocese in Tennessee, so that more parishes could partake of this event.

Bishop Stika blesses Knoxville’s Silver Rose

The specially made roses, actual roses dipped in silver, arrived at Cor Jesu and we placed them in our Mass Chapel anticipating they would shortly be presented, via the Knights of Columbus, to Bishop Talley of Memphis, Bishop Spalding of Nashville, and our own Bishop Stika of Knoxville. Then something called COVID-19 intervened and all plans were, well, scrubbed! But that simply meant we got to keep the beautiful roses longer and pray in advance for all the souls who would eventually use them in the Running of the Rose.

So, enjoy the pre-prayed for silver roses, y’all!