Meet Gunther the Cat

A Handmaid News

We know that many of our family and friends are eager to learn more of our recent anti-squirrel acquisition. His cartoon alter-ego pen name is still a little up in the air at Cor Jesu Monastery but we decided we might as well introduce you to the real cat.

The Name

He came to us providentially with some hunting experience and the moniker “Gunner” honoring his unusual gun metal grey coat. As Gunner is a derivative of Gunther, we took to calling him that, in honor of Saint Gunther. So the cat gets a patron Saint and a name very close to what he already knows. But unlike many cats, who excel at the art of ignoring their name completely even when they clearly recognize it, Gunther replies. We were struck not only by his size and silence but by his eyes. He makes eye contact. In fact, this seems to be his major form of communication. His green emerald eyes silently stare you in the face in what could only be described as a gentlemanly fashion.

The Silence

Only some of our Sisters have witnessed him actually meowing. Amazingly, he has yet to meow or caterwaul before his food dish. We hope and pray this blissful option for quiet remains.

The Discovery: Russian Blue

The word most used when someone would see him, or a photo of him, for the first time was ‘handsome’. Were he a vain cat he would blush but the fact remains he is a good looking cat. His coat is dense and touched with silver depending on the light and his green eyes change their depth of color with the iris, a golden yellow on the edges changing to a deep emerald toward the center. This only adds to the to the intelligent look he seems to enjoy giving people. Some research on grey cats was done and in the end we were surprised to learn that he is likely a Russian Blue. Being Catholic nuns, we also like the alternative name for that breed, Archangel Blue.

May this angelic cat be the wrath of God for the squirrels!

Gunther, already aware he’s a Russian Blue, ignores the informational article about the breed lying on the reading table.

Do these plants bring out the green in my eyes?

Gunther seems to prefer the Navarre Study Bibles to the Douay-Rheims

A Handsome Cat

Gunther surveys his new domain and watches the squirrels, hopefully planning how he will deter them