May is Mary’s Month

A Handmaid News

This year we marked the beginning of Mary’s month in a special way as North America was reconsecrated to Mary under the title of Mary, Mother of the Church. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ravaging the world, we find our need for our Mother, more poignant than ever. We beg her intercession to stop the spread of the virus, protect people from it and to console the suffering and grieving families. We also ask for her guidance in those first tentative steps happening in some areas that need a mother’s encouragement to move forward carefully in regaining some semblance of “normal” life after quarantine.
In many places, this stepping out must be phased and measured and will naturally have its moments of doubt and fear. But a mother’s love is never phased, never incremental, nor subject to retreat. A mother is ‘all in’ all the time. She will accompany us, no matter what happens, and keep us close to her Son because she knows Calvary leads to Resurrection. There is great everlasting joy in that, hence our sharing earlier this week a little bit of us chanting a favorite Marian Antiphon, the Regina Caeli, at the conclusion of Compline. We pray that regardless of your circumstance you can still sing in your heart with Mary celebrating Life’s victory over death.