A Crown For Our Lady

May Crowning 2016

A Handmaid News

We celebrated our first May Crowning at Cor Jesu Monastery in New Market recently. Traditionally, we have processed through the monastery and the grounds singing hymns and praying decades of the Rosary between several statues of Our Blessed Mother before which we would place bouquets of flowers. The procession would culminate in the crowning of Our Lady in the main Chapel. This year, as we are still living in two separate buildings on the property and have a majority of our statues still in storage, a more simplified ceremony was called for. We gathered in our Mass Chapel at Mater Dei house and sang hymns in honor of Our Lady. This was followed by a litany and the glorious mysteries of the Rosary before Sister Rose Anne, who will soon celebrate her Golden Jubilee of Vows, had the honor of placing a crown of flowers on the Virgin. The statue, from our original motherhouse in New Mexico, is a beautiful wood statue of Our Lady of the Pomegranate.

Our Founder had a great love for Our Blessed Mother and loved to honor any image or depiction of her. He advised,

“…love the Mother of God. Be not content with a habitual love. Cultivate a love that each day does some little action in her honor. Let me illustrate what I mean…. Something could be done to beautify our Blessed Mother…flowers at her feet, if only a flower from the field…”